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What's going on world, my name is Thomas Northcutt, and I am a graphic designer for Rutgers University and Auburn University Graduate (Class of 2018).  I am originally a native of Nashville, TN and I still claim that as my hometown to this day.  Growing up in the south and with the encouragement from my parents, I fell in love with sports, especially college athletics, the Titans, Braves, and Predators.  As a way to feel like I was a part of the team, I would make t shirt designs and other random sports related things in programs like and Photoshop.  Fast forward a couple years to my freshman year at Auburn, I was introduced Photoshop and started using that as a hobby, teaching myself everything I could.  The Auburn Basketball coaching staff took notice and quickly threw me into the world of recruiting and camp graphics.  This set me up to get where I am now.

Besides design, I spent my four years at Auburn as a Student Manager for Auburn Basketball.  I have a passion for this game and I could not be more thankful every day for the experiences I got to have. Oh, and I'm kind of retiring from managing as an SEC Champion. War Dam Eagle.  Because of my work with Auburn Men's Basketball, I have also become a part of the organizing group for Manager Games, which helps organize games between student managers of basketball teams, all of which culminates in a tournament of the top 8 teams that takes place at the Final Four Fan Fest each year.  At Auburn, I was also an active part of the leadership team for Auburn University's Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

I am still a huge sports fan.  You can almost always catch me watching the Preds, Titans, Braves, or Auburn.  Even when those teams aren't on, you can probably find some sports on my TV.  If that's not on, I have my headphones on listening to music or I'm out exploring somewhere new.  Most importantly, I am an unashamed follower of Christ, and I do my best to make sure that the way I work reflects him in every capacity.  If I can make a positive impact with what I do in some way, then I know I've done my job right.